Culture- and tourist-sites

International Watch Museum, 2 minutes’ walk from the hotel

Ideal for watch lovers.

Guided tours available on request in French, German, English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.



Museum of Fine Arts, 2 minutes walk from the hotel

For Art and architecture lovers, you can discover the collections "Léopold-Robert", "Le Corbusier", or "Art nouveau and fir style"


Developed by students of the art school in the 1900s, under the influence of Charles L'Eplattenier.




La Maison blanche of « Le Corbusier »


The White House « Villa Jeanneret-Perret » is the first realization of Le Corbusier.


built in 1912, it’s still possible to visit on request



The Turkish villa, also called Villa Schwob

was built between 1916 and 1917 and still attracts arts and building enthusiasts.



Neuchâtel Tourist Card

Your free transport and cultural pass

You don’t have to go too far to find different cultural sites.

For example, proximity from La Chaux-de-Fonds, you can discover the cities of Le Locle.

The city of Le Locle is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can visit the clock museum at Château des Monts, the Museum of Fine Arts, the underground mills or the Natural History Museum.



Neuchâtel is located in the region of the three lakes, at the foot of the Jura mountains.

With the public transport, it’s possible to reach Neuchâtel in 30 minutes by train.

You can discover this millenary city and visit the museums of arts and history, the museum of Friedrich Dürrenmatt https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_D%C3%BCrrenmatt

Walk along the lake or enjoy a small cruise on the lake. Visit the old town of Neuchâtel and the castle of the collegiate church. https://www.neuchatelville.ch/fr/sortir-et-decouvrir/visiter-neuchatel/reperes-historiques/

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