general terms and conditions




These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all customers of Athmos Hôtel la Chaux-de-Fonds (Tulac Athmos Sàrl).





2.1 : Guests may reserve their hotel room(s) in advance or on arrival. Athmos Hôtel la Chaux-de-Fonds reserves the right to authorise reservations only with a prior guarantee by credit card (by providing a credit card number supplied as a guarantee and its expiry date) and/or advance payment. The reservation is only effective when a room is available in the category requested. Athmos Hôtel la Chaux-de-Fonds reserves the right to refuse a reservation for any valid reason whatsoever.


2.2: For advance bookings, Athmos Hôtel La Chaux-de-Fonds will send the Customer a booking confirmation. Upon arrival, the Customer must present the confirmation letter as proof of his/her reservation.


2.3: When a customer books several hotel rooms for him/herself and/or several persons, he/she is liable for the total invoice amount for all bookings.


2.4 : The customer making the reservation cannot take advantage of a particular room.





3.1 : All bookings include value added tax.


3.2 : If the Customer wishes to take advantage of additional services provided by third parties (such as a catering service, bicycle hire, etc.), Athmos Hotel may, but is not obliged to, arrange said services for the Customer by purchasing the service from the third party provider, on its behalf in the name of the Customer or in the name of and on behalf of the Customer. Athmos Hotel shall be entitled to charge and apply additional fees for the organisation of such services. Athmos Hotel may charge the Customer extra for the services offered by the third party, either in advance or on the final invoice; in both cases, the services shall be shown separately and distinctly on the invoice. If the customer does not use the services booked, the customer will be responsible for paying the full cost of any such services, regardless of the reason why the customer did not use them.


3.3 : For advance bookings, all services booked in advance by the customer and all prices are derived from the booking confirmation. Any objection to the booking confirmation letter must be made immediately after receipt of said letter, failing which the booking confirmation will be deemed to have been accepted.



4.       PAYMENT


4.1 : If Athmos Hotel requests payment in advance of booking, this must be paid in full within 7 days of the sending of the booking confirmation or in accordance with the written agreement. If the requested payment has not been made on time, Athmos Hotel automatically has the right to unilaterally refuse the reservation and charge a cancellation fee, generally equivalent to the price of one night per room. An exception to the above is annual international fairs such as FestiNeuch and the Fête de Vendanges, where the full minimum stay is due in accordance with the booking confirmation. Advance payment will be credited to the hotel up to the amount or cancellation charges due.


4.2 : With the exception of the advance payment referred to above, payment of any cancellation charges and third party service charges, in accordance with section 3.2, must be made at the time of departure. The outstanding amount must be paid in full at the time of departure, in cash or by credit card accepted by Athmos Hotel.


4.3 : Athmos Hotel shall automatically have the right to invoke the credit card guarantee in the event of incorrect or late payment, or if cancellation charges are necessary.





5.1 : The room shall be made available to the guest on the day of arrival, at any time between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. (arrival time). If the guest has not arrived by 6 p.m. and has not notified Athmos Hotel in advance or guaranteed his/her late arrival by credit card, Athmos Hotel shall automatically have the right to rent the room(s) to another guest. If prior notice has been given, Athmos Hotel shall hold the room reserved for the guest, even after 6 p.m., on the day of arrival, with prior credit card guarantee (if this has not already been done at the time of reservation). Each guest must sign the "Check-in Form" on arrival.


5.2 : Guests must vacate the hotel room no later than 11am on the day of departure and make the remaining payments due, in accordance with section 4, at that time (check-out time). In the event of late check-out, Athmos Hotel has the right to demand payment of : An additional CHF 25 at 2pm; thereafter the day rate for any additional night shall be applied automatically.





6.1 : A distinction is made between the cancellation of a reservation made by a single person or by a group. Any reservation made by a customer with between one (1) and five (5) hotel rooms is considered to be an individual reservation. A reservation of more than five (5) rooms is considered to be a group reservation.


6.2 : The customer may cancel individual bookings up to 24 hours before the scheduled arrival date. In the event of cancellation or if the customer fails to arrive without cancelling, Athmos Hotel has the right to charge customers a cancellation fee equivalent to one night's accommodation (depending on the category of rooms booked) per room booked.



6.3 : The following conditions apply to group bookings:

o   Cancellation up to 61 days before the scheduled arrival date: CHF 500.00 (administration fee).

o   Cancellation between 60 and 51 days before the scheduled arrival date: 25% of the price of the entire reservation.

o   Cancellation between 50 and 31 days before the scheduled arrival date: 50% of the price of the entire booking.

o   Cancellation 30 days or less before the scheduled arrival date: 100% of the price of the entire booking, with the full price of the stay due.


The date of receipt of the cancellation request (in writing) by Athmos Hôtel determines the calculation of the number of days.


7.       TRANSFER


If, for any reason whatsoever, Athmos Hôtel, contrary to expectations, is unable to offer the number and/or category of room(s) desired in accordance with the reservation made, Athmos Hôtel reserves the right to offer customers a room in a different hotel, in the town of La Chaux de Fonds or nearby. Athmos Hôtel will bear any additional and reasonable costs for a comparable room for the first night, at its discretion. By accepting this proposal, the Customer acknowledges that Athmos Hôtel has fulfilled all of its obligations. Any further obligations or liability on the part of Athmos Hotel shall be excluded. The provision of a room in a different hotel shall not release the Customer from his/her obligation to make payments due to Athmos Hotel.



8.       LIABILITY


8.1 : Athmos Hotel shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss of or damage to the Customer's property, personal injury or any other damage (including financial loss) attributable to the Customer or to force majeure.


8.2 : Athmos Hotel's total liability for items with which guests arrive at the hotel (e.g. suitcases, clothing) shall not exceed CHF 1,000. However, Athmos Hotel's liability is excluded in the absence of fault and evidence or in the event of slight negligence on the part of Athmos Hotel and its assistants.


8.3 : Athmos Hôtel shall not be liable for the loss of or damage to guests' vehicles; this also applies to assistants. In any event, Athmos Hotel's liability shall not exceed CHF 1,000.


8.4 : All other liability of Athmos Hotel, and in particular liability for additional services as mentioned in section 3.2 and liability for personal injury and any other damage (including financial loss), is excluded. This also applies to the liability of assistants.


8.5 : Guests must inform the hotel staff of any loss or damage immediately upon discovery, failing which claims against Athmos Hotel cannot be considered. This condition applies to all loss and damage.


8.6 : Athmos Hotel shall not be liable if it is unable to fulfil its contractual obligations properly and promptly due to any cause beyond Athmos Hotel's reasonable control, and in particular due to war, riot, strike, natural disaster, epidemics, pandemics, fire, storm, power failure or equipment breakdown, or due to the management of services by a third party.


8.7 : In the event of the transfer of Guests as referred to in Section 7, the Guest acknowledges that Athmos Hotel shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to property, personal injury or any other damage (including financial loss) resulting from the transfer and/or occurring at the other hotel.





9.1 : Athmos Hotel expressly reserves the right to refuse a guest access to Athmos Hotel and the rooms, if, upon the guest's arrival, the hotel staff has reason to assume that the guest is in an inappropriate state (e.g. under the influence of drugs or alcohol), is dressed indecently and/or has a lack of hygiene, is acting inappropriately or is showing symptoms of an infectious/pandemic disease.


9.2 : All hotel rooms must be used solely for the agreed purpose (accommodation of hotel guests). Athmos Hotel has the right to cancel a valid reservation at any time, without prior notice, if it was made on the basis of false or misleading information, if the room is used inappropriately and/or if the guest behaves in an unacceptable manner, for example by disturbing or harassing other guests or hotel staff.






10.1: Swiss law applies exclusively to all reservations and to these General Terms and Conditions (GTC).


10.2 : The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Neuchâtel.

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